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Pippa Andrews – Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Primary)

I have worked in primary teaching for 16 years. I started at a Junior School in Portsmouth and worked my way up to maths lead and Deputy Headteacher. I then worked as a DHT and maths lead in two more primary schools – one in Portsmouth and one in Hampshire. I now work across the Portsmouth LA offering support and training in a number of curriculum areas. I started working for the maths hub this year, running Primary programmes and support. 

Jess Paul

Jess Paul is lead for the Solent Maths Hub.  I started at University of Sussex training in Mathematics and then went on to complete a PGCE specialising in Mathematics at Exeter University.  After graduating, I worked in Aldershot, Hedge End and finally ended up in Portsmouth working at Northern Parade Federated schools.  I have recently completed my MA in Education, researching children’s conceptual understanding within mathematics and the link between mathematical thinking and perceived ability.  I have worked with the Solent Maths Hub since 2015, running both Primary and Secondary Work Groups.  I started as the Teaching for Mastery Lead, moving on to become Maths Hub for Early Years and Primary and I am now the overall Maths Hub Lead.

maths summer school

Maths Summer School for Year 10s

This year there is to be a Year 12 maths summer school.

The dates are Monday 2nd – Saturday 7th July 2018.

This will be a residential course in Winchester for Year 12 students hoping to study maths at university, the summer school will be held at held at Winchester College.

Theme: ‘Proof in mathematics’.  Explore different structures of mathematical proof in various context including geometry, algebra, number theory and combinatorics.

Cost: circa £200 (includes accommodation and meals). Bursaries are available.

For more information contact

Secondary maths courses

Secondary Maths Courses 2017/18

Reaching Out – Helping the lower attaining pupils – Focus on mainstream SEND pupils in Years 5 and 8 (SECONDARY)

In many schools within our region there is a clear issue with Mathematics outcomes of SEND pupils in mainstream. We wish to run an innovation workgroup to re-focus teachers on generating ‘talk for learning’ and improve formative assessment of lower attaining pupils by generating materials.

primary maths courses

Primary Maths Courses 2017/18

We are delighted to be able to offer the following primary maths courses which have been arranged for 2017-18 academic year:

Primary Maths Courses

Mathematics and Subject Knowledge Enhancement for Primary Teachers

This Work Group aims to help primary teachers improve their knowledge of primary mathematics content (subject knowledge) with a particular emphasis on mathematical structure in key areas.

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Shanghai Exchange Programme

On September 16th, two of our mastery specialist teachers Carla Laney (St John’s Primary and Nursery) and Fiona Steele (Gurnard Primary) set off to Shanghai with the NCETM to continue the exchange programme that has been running for the last few years.

Here are their thoughts:

Our trip to Shanghai was such an amazing opportunity to experience first-hand everything that we had heard about Math’s teaching in China. We saw how the teachers are absolutely committed to fine- tuning every lesson and how lesson observation and ‘guidance meetings’ are part of the process of improvement and professional development.

A few misconceptions about what we might see were also resolved – we didn’t see rote learning, we saw engaged, confident and competent mathematicians who were able to problem – solve in different contexts and undertake practical activities.

Carla and I came away buzzing with ideas about how we might adapt this approach in our own settings and we both feel lesson design might be the key. Experiencing a lesson first hand really puts the concept of Mastery into an understandable context.

We are really excited to welcome two teachers from Shanghai in January, where they will be spending two weeks with Carla and Fiona at their schools. Within that time there will be two opportunities for teachers to come and observe and lesson and take part in the post-lesson discussion.

Our open house sessions will be on Wednesday 24th January 2018 and Thursday 25th January 2018 at St John’s Primary and Nursery School. If you are interested in attending either of these sessions, please email  

Full details are attached Shanghai Open House

primary maths conference

Primary Mathematics Conference


On Friday 29th September we held our first annual primary maths conference. This was attended by over 70 delegates from across the Solent region. Our keynote speaker, Ben Sparks, focussed on the emotional side of mathematics and the ways on which this can impact on children’s learning. Providing problems that invoke an emotional response result in learning that is more likely to be remembered and understood.

For many of the attendees this problem invoked the greatest emotional response:

Two cars are driving on a dual carriageway.

Blue driving at 70mph

Yellow driving at 100mph

At the instant they are level they both see an obstruction ahead.

Blue stops *just* in time

What happens to yellow?

One of Ben’s suggestions included acknowledging your own emotional responses with classes and encouraging your learners to do the same by recording your mathematics in two columns.

  • A ‘Maths’ column (algebra, conclusions, formal, etc.)
  • An ‘emotions/comments’ columns (informal, running commentary)

We would love to hear from anyone that gives this a go!

The keynote was followed by a series of workshops exploring tens frames, mastery and greater depth, SEND in mainstream and bar modelling. It was a fantastic day and we look forward to welcoming many more people next year.

Our best maths tips from the day:

  • “Look for, and celebrate, the good emotions from maths.”
  • “Sometimes just do some maths just because it’s nice…”
  • “Mastery requires a long term culture shift of positive attitudes.”
  • “Representations allow children to hear the maths you are teaching.”

Resources are available at:

Hands up

Post 16 Mathematics Conference

Like so many maths teachers across the country, we have eagerly waited for the publication of the Smith review into Post 16 Mathematics. This has been held up for a number of reasons but we hope (no guarantees) that there will be some news soon.   We fully expect the recommendations to be highly significant at both Level 3 and Level 2.

The Solent Maths Hub have organised an event on Thursday, 13th July at Highpoint, Southampton. This event is designed to be as informative as possible about upcoming changes and implications. We are very lucky to have joining us, a number of experts in the field.  

Please note, this event is free of charge.


SEND Conferences

The Solent Maths Hub is the only Maths Hub based in a Special Needs School-Mary Rose Academy an outstanding school for children with Complex Needs.

Last week we ran two national conferences focusing on SEND in Maths with nationally renowned speakers. The Wednesday Conference was focused on Special Schools and the Friday conference on SEND in mainstream. It was very clear that there is a huge demand from across the country for further support and networking.

If you wish to be included in a SEND Maths network either for Special Schools or SEND in mainstream please email us on . This is going to be a priority for us in the coming year.

quantum scholars

Quantum Scholars

Three years ago, the Department for Education in England made a decision to fund thirty-five national Maths Hubs. Maths Hubs provide specialist professional support and development for Maths teachers in a specific geographical area. Six of these Maths Hubs in the south of England have come together to launch this Quantum Scholars programme aimed at recruiting talented Maths teachers from outside of Great Britain, primarily from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. These Quantum Scholars will be supported with:

  • Wrap around’ support from the highly experienced international team at Academics Ltd, including support with visas and work permits where required.
  • Support and professional mentoring from their assigned school.
  • Support and Professional subject specific pedagogical input from Maths Hubs and the Institute of Physics.
  • A one-week residential induction event, providing training on generic topics as well as subject specific information.
  • We will also provide high level professional subject development from a leading UK University possibly leading to an MA accreditation (Any programme will be of a bespoke nature based on the previous experience of the scholar).

You can find out more about the programme on the Quantum Scholars website.

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