Challenging Topics at GCSE


Feedback from teachers and GCSE exam analysis indicates there are key areas of the curriculum that students continue to find challenging. This Work Group will focus on participant teachers working together to ‘unpick’ (i.e. analyse, deconstruct and trace through the curriculum) a challenging topic from GCSE Mathematics.  Participants will develop insight into the associated difficulties and misconceptions to support teaching in the short term, but also consider the implications for longer term curriculum design


We are hoping to be able to run these sessions as face to face Work Groups, however these will move online if needed as we will closely monitor and follow the latest Government Guidance.

Venue 1: Sandown Bay Academy, Isle of Wight Venue 2: TBC

Session 1: Tuesday 26th January

Session 2: Tuesday 2nd March

Session 3: Tuesday 27th April

All sessions will run from 1pm – 5pm

 Session 1: Tuesday 19th January

Session 2: Tuesday 9th March

Session 3: Tuesday 20th April


These sessions are free of charge, however please note that a charge of £100 per participant for non-attendance without prior notice will be applied.


Event Venue Date
Challenging Topics at GCSE (Hampshire)
  • 19th January 2021 1:00 pm
Challenging Topics at GCSE (Sandown, IOW)
  • 26th January 2021 1:00 pm


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