Challenging Topics at GCSE


Feedback from teachers and GCSE exam analysis indicates there are key areas of the curriculum that students continue to find challenging. This Work Group will explore effective ways of teaching some of these topics, both to address the immediate needs of the incoming KS4 students, but also, crucially, taking a longer-term view by considering development in KS3.
The aim will be to get to grips with all the underpinning content of a topic, exploring misconceptions and effective pedagogical approaches for each element. The approaches also contribute towards the development of a generic process which departments could use as a ‘toolkit’ to lead the improvement of teaching and learning in any identified area of the curriculum students find challenging.

Detailed information can be found within the attached flyer: Challenging Topics Pioneer


Session 1: Tuesday 7th January 2pm-5pm 
Session 2: Tuesday 11th February 2pm-5pm
Session 3: Friday 13th March 2pm-5pm

All sessions take place at Pioneer Teaching School Alliance based at Harrison Primary School, Fareham, PO16 7EQ


These sessions are free of charge, however please note that a charge of £100 per participant for non-attendance without prior notice will be applied.


Email or call 01329 23958

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