Primary Subject Knowledge Enhancement


There is more to subject knowledge than being able to do the maths yourself. The Primary SKE Work Group develops primary teachers’ mathematical subject knowledge so they can understand, teach and support pupils effectively. A key focus is not only improving the participants ability to ‘do’ mathematics but also to ensure they have the appropriate pedagogical knowledge to teach their pupils well.

Work Groups will explore maths in depth, making connections between topics and concepts. Participants will also work collaboratively, led by a local leader of maths education (LLME) to develop deep and secure subject knowledge and appropriate pedagogy.

Full details are on the following flyer: 18-20 Primary Subject Knowledge Enhancement


There will be 6 afternoon sessions running from 1 – 4pm.  Please note that participants must attend ALL sessions. These will be available in 2 locations on the following dates:


Holiday Inn, Southampton

*travel from the Isle of Wight will be reimbursed

Holiday Inn, Basingstoke


15th November 8th November (postponed)
15th January 22nd January
5th March 12th March
30th April 2nd April 
4th June 7th May 
25th June 11th June
  2nd July 


There is no charge for teachers and schools to take part in this work group.  However, £100 will be charged for non-attendance without prior notice.


Event Venue Date
Primary Subject Knowledge Enhancement (Southampton) Holiday Inn - Southampton
  • 4th June 2019 1:00 pm
Sold Out
Primary Subject Knowledge Enhancement - Basingstoke Basingstoke Holiday Inn
  • 11th June 2019 1:00 pm
Sold Out

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