Send in Special Schools


This programme involves special schools working together to improve SEND provision in maths. This work group will be composed of teachers from special schools who teach Year 9 and above. The group will focus on using concrete manipulatives to challenge pupils’ thinking. Participants will explore ways to encourage reasoning and the role of real-life contexts and responsive questioning to provide a different approach to working with SEND students within special schools. The pedagogy introduced, and any resources trialled, would support the principles of teaching for mastery.

Further details can be found in the following flyer: SEND in Special Schools


These sessions will be based at Redwood Park Academy for the observations and Trafalgar School (18th October) and Training and Learning Centre (3rd December and 6th February) for the follow-up workshops.

Day 1: 18th October 2018 – Trafalgar School 
Day 2: 3rd December 2018- Training & Learning Centre
Day 3: 6th February 2019 – Training & Learning Centre


There is no charge for teachers and schools to take part in this work group.  However, £100 will be charged for non-attendance without prior notice.


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