Solent Maths Hub : GDPR & Data Privacy Policy

As part of our role in leading the Solent Maths Hub, we collect and hold a certain amount of data about individuals involved in our network.
The data includes name, role (with respect to hub work), school/establishment, email address, National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) username and (in some cases, for example Work Group Leads) telephone number. The agreement between the Solent Maths Hub and the Department for Education (DfE) requires us to monitor and evaluate our work as a Maths Hub. This is the legal basis for the data that we hold; for example, participation in the Work Groups, which we coordinate. Such data is reported on a regular basis to both the NCETM and the DfE.
In addition, we use this data to keep in touch with you on matters of legitimate interest, such as professional development opportunities and Maths education related matters. Our privacy policy, regarding this and all data matters, can be found

If you have any queries about our privacy policy, please contact us.  


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