TA Subject Knowledge


TAs will develop their mathematical subject knowledge in conjunction with understanding the pedagogy that underpins the teaching of it. Understanding of mathematical structures will be explored so participants gain a detailed understanding of how children learn early mathematical concepts.  As a result of this project, participants will not only be able to ‘do’ mathematics, but will also have the appropriate pedagogical knowledge to teach and support their pupils well. Participants will develop both their knowledge about maths and knowledge about the teaching of maths, developing better pedagogy and being aware of how pupils learn, and how to teach the content most effectively. Classroom practice will develop through participants’ engagement with gap tasks between meetings, trying out activities with pupils to promote understanding, reasoning and fluency.

Further details can be found at the following flyer: TA SKTMProgrammeInfoSheet


Please note, travel from the Isle of Wight for Southampton venue will be reimbursed.

Harrison Primary School Holiday Inn, Southampton Training and Learning Centre, Portsmouth
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These sessions are free of charge, however please note that a charge of £100 per participant for non-attendance without prior notice will be applied.


Booking will open shortly.

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